Quality management standard also known as ISO 9001 has been implemented by millions of companies and corporations across the globe.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 9001 ( Quality Management System)

Quality Management system standard is Designed to create a more disciplined work environment in your organisation. It will help your workforce know exactly who does what, when and how. This saves time and cost by reducing mistakes, consequently helping to improve customer service.

This system creates a quality-led philosophy in the organisation that is exactly why ISO 9001 is stipulated within tenders. With buying authorities seeking to establish that their suppliers are reliable, asking for an internationally recognised standard eliminates the need to assess every single potential supplier. Having an ISO 9001 certificate saves you work too, allowing you to skip many lengthy pre-qualification questions.

Improved internal Efficiency

The standard’s intention is to improve internal working in order to help you achieve greater consistency and quality of service. Together with improving what you already have in place, this is done by replacing bad or even non-existing processes with ones that are relevant, functional and documented. The results are greater efficiency and productivity, linking to increased profitability.

Quality Management system standard (ISO 9001) is also focused on achieving customer satisfaction by setting out processes what needs to be in place in order to consistently meet customer requirements at same standard every time. In current tough economic climate, retaining clients and getting repeat business is vital and Quality Management system (ISO 9001) will help you to achieve this.