UK Educational Service prime objective is to deliver the finest, premium and exceptional package for your training needs. UES has team of Experienced Immigration Advisor who are working as trainers for OISC training courses. Our trainers are experienced and well know immigration advisor who are mostly Barristers and Solicitors. They have first-hand knowledge and practical experience of Immigration cases. Our experienced instructors will manage your entire training programme.

It is a crime for anyone to provide immigration advice to applicants in the United Kingdom without being regulated and accredited by the OISC. The current OISC accreditation process is more complex than ever and many candidates have to re-take the OISC exam 2 – 3 times. Our instructors are extremely qualified and have trained many clients leading them to successful examination. Our instructor’s main aim is to full fill your ambition by giving you the latest and relevant literature required for the success in exams and in practical field. After completing OISC course the learner will be ready to sit OISC level 1, level 2 or level 3 Exam.

The levels are summarized as follows:

Level 1: Basic immigration advice within the Immigration Rules;

Level 2: More complex casework, including applications outside the Immigration Rules;

Level 3: Appeals. (Source OISC)


Area Of work

Level 1- Initial Advice

Level 2- Casework

Level3- Advocacy and Representation

No work on applicationspermitted(Limited assistancewithin the immigrationrules only) All aspects of asylum applications andrelated HRA applications, CaseResolution/Legacy Cases and ActiveReview. Lodging (in exceptionalcircumstances) Notices of Appeal Substantive appealswork, includingrepresentation in theAIT, specialist casework
Entry clearance,Leave to Enter orLeave to Remain
Basic applicationsthat are within theImmigration Rules,including immigrationemployment documentsand PBS Out-of-time applications, concessionarypolicies, lodging (in exceptionalcircumstances) Notices of Appeal andStatements of Additional Grounds,representations to the UKBA on illegalentry, overstayer, removal anddeportation cases As above
Nationality andcitizenship
Basic applications forregistration andnaturalisation Discretionary and complex applications Specialist casework
EU and EEAimmigration law
Basic applications forEEA nationals and non-EEA family membersthat are within theImmigration Rules,including applications forA8 and A2 nationals Discretionary and complex applications,lodging (in exceptional circumstances)Notices of Appeal Substantive appealswork, includingrepresentation in theAIT, specialist casework
Detention,applications fortemporaryadmission, CIO
bail, immigration
judge bail
An adviser at this levelmust not provide advice/services in this area Representations to the UKBA,applications for temporary admission,CIO bail Immigration judge bail,including representationat AIT hearings

The above table contents are taken from OISC Official website for customers to have accurate knowledge of levels.


Our core services in OISC training are:

  1. To Provide you with knowledge and experience to help to you to become and accredited OISC Advisor
  2. To provide relevant training to sit and pass the exam successfully
  3. To start your own consultancy firm where you can work independently


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 Up Coming Course Dates

OISC Level 1 (Fee £150)-  28th November 2014

OISC Level1, 2&3 (Fee £450) Course date 28th November 2014 to 1 December 2014

OISC Level 1 (Fee £150)-  29th December 2014

OISC Level1, 2&3 (Fee £450) Course date 29th December 2014 to 31 December 2014