1 – Absence & Compensation:

1.1  Students are expected to attend all classes. Student absence is not compensated unless proof of doctors’ note.

1.2  UES reserves the right to cancel registration without refunding the deposit of £50 on account of unauthorised absences for 1 week.

1.3  Re-registration will incur a charge of £10.

2 – Holidays:

2.1  Up to four weeks holiday, without any additional fee, are authorised for students who have been registered with UES for more than 12 months.

2.2  Up to two weeks holiday, without any additional fee, are authorised for students who have been registered with UES for between six to eleven months.

3 – Discounts & Refunds:

3.1  Any discounts given at the time of admission will become void if hours taken are reduced thereafter.

3.2  UES will refund the amount paid for unattended booked lessons if the pupil decides to discontinue with the tuition, on account of a valid reason only, provided in writing. There will however be a 20% charge consumed by UES on the overall amount returned.

3.3  UES reserves the right to withhold the deposit money until all payments are cleared on the students account.

3.4  Should you fail to attend a booked exam or arrives late on the exam day, once an exam is booked and the mandatory exam fee is paid either partially or in full, will not be liable for any refund what so ever. The full exam fee will have to be paid in order to re-book any subsequent exams. Any offers, discounts or special conditions will not be brought foreword and deemed void.

3.5  Should you cancel the exam 7 working days days prior to the exam commencement date, you will be refunded with the full fee, subject to a £50 administration fee deduction. If you are late for your exam you will lose your fee and will have to pay full amount to re-book.

3.6  The administration and booking fee of £50 is non-refundable under any circumstances. Any refunds made will only be made in the form of a company cheque. A refund can only be made if requested 7 working days prior to the exam. Should you decide to cancel with less than 7 working days prior to your exam you will lose your entire fee.

3.7  Should there be any delays in receiving your certificate from the awarding body, you will not be entitled to any form of refund.

3.8  In the rare case that UK Educational Services may have to change the date, venue or examining body for the exam UK Educational Services will ensure that you are notified at the earliest opportunity.

3.9  Should UK Educational Services have to cancel an exam for any reason, we will offer you an alternative date or provide a full refund if the new date is deemed unsuitable for you.

3.10                 The exam fee is non-transferable. You cannot transfer the fee to another exam or to another person.

4 – Miscellaneous Charges & Fines:

4.1  In addition to the standard tuition fees, UES may charge the following when applicable:

4.2  A non-refundable administration fee of £10 is charged for each admission form at the time of admission

4.3  A security deposit of £50 is charged at the time of admission once the pupil has enrolled. This is only refundable once all funds are cleared on the account, when the student account is closed.

4.4  Late payment of tuition fees will result in a £10 fine per week.

4.5  All stationary be provided by UES will not be replaced if lost or damaged.

5 – General Terms of Acceptance:

5.1  It is you the applicant’s responsibility to choose the right exam you require. All information given by our website and staff should be taken as a guide only. You must check with the UKBA, Home Office, Solicitor or Citizen’s Advice Bureau to ensure which English exam you may need. UK Educational Services accepts no responsibility for the exam candidates have chosen to take.

5.2  At the time of admission students are required to provide the most recent utility bill as a proof of address. Any bill older than three months will not be accepted.

5.3  At the time of admission you are required to provide one form of photo identification for us to keep on our records. This can be either a Passport or National Identification card.

5.4  All students are advised to look after their belongings. UK Educational Services will not take any form of responsibility for any lost property.

5.5  UK Educational Services does not provide any form of parking facilities for students. UK Educational Services does not take responsibility for any vehicles that are given fixed penalty tickets, clamped or removed from the surrounding area and any roads around UK Educational Services Centre’s.

5.6  UK Educational Services operates as an ‘open access’ and is therefore not in any way responsible for students outside of their lesson times.

5.7  You are required to declare if they suffer from any medical conditions at the time of admission so that UK Educational Services are able to provide the relevant services to you in the case of an emergency.

5.8  Should you require a replacement certificate, a total cost of £50 is applicable prior to any requests being made.

5.9  You are required to notify the office of any changes in address and contact details.

5.10                 You are required to book your exam well in advance to guarantee a place and have sufficient time for preparation. Should you fail you will have to pay the full price for a re-sit, if you sit only the exam with us without attending our full English Course Classes.

5.11                 Certificates can be collected from our main center, in Leyton, during our opening hours once the candidate receives confirmation of arrival. UK Educational Services can also post your certificate first class recorded delivery at an extra cost of £10. The certificate will be posted via royal mail. UK Educational Services will not be held responsible should the certificate be lost or damaged in transit.

5.12                 UK Educational Services will not take any responsibility if the law changes after you have taken the exam and your certificate is no longer valid for the purpose. UK Educational Services will not make any refunds should this occur.

5.13                 It is your responsibility to book and pass your English exams for the Home Office well in time before your visa expires. UK Educational Services will not accept any liability should your certificate not arrive before your visa expires.

5.14                 The exam will only be booked and confirmed once UK Educational Services have received all the information and full payment. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make ensure they have provided correct information and documentation and their payment is up to date. Failure to complete payment and missing any vital information will result in loss of exam place. Unless agreed otherwise in advance with UK Educational Services Admission department.

5.15                 It is your responsibility to provide a valid photo ID at the time of registration along with a proof of address. You are also required to bring in original ID documents on the day of your exam. Should you fail to bring correct ID (ID used when registering) as required by UK Educational Services you will be refused admission into the exam and will lose your place and examination fee.

6 – Behavior Policy, Building & Premises

6.1  UK Educational Services reserves the right to impose fines and claim damages for any form of damage caused to the building and premises or to the property of UK Educational Services or any of its affiliates under any circumstances.

6.2  UK Educational Services is based on the premises of a serviced office building. Students and any persons who attend UK Educational Services are required to adhere to a minimal level of noise and not to behave in such a way which would disrupt any other company operating on the premises.

6.3  UK Educational Services staff have the right to work without fear. We will not tolerate any kind of harassment, threats or abusive behavior over the phone or in our Centre. In such cases, you will not be allowed to sit in exam and you will lose your full fee. We also reserve the right not to accept a candidate if we cannot confirm the identity or if a candidate has been abusive to our staff.

6.4  UK Educational Services has a Behavior Managements Policy and endeavors to provide a safe environment for all students and staff in our care. If a student has a progressive behavior condition that is a detriment to any other student or a member of staff, then UK Educational Services has the right to exclude that student, with out providing any refund.