This training course is designed for corporation to help their managers understand why corporate social responsibility is important in current business world and also examine how organisational behaviour is impacted by Corporate Social Responsibility.

After the training delegates will be enabled to differentiate and identify good and bad business practice across different industrial sectors, so that they are better prepared to develop the components of a CSR action plan for their own organisations.

Who Should attend CSR Training course:

This CSR training course is designed for Executives  who are involved in organisational strategic and operational roles, including finance, corporate strategy, human resources, supply chain managers. Also the Managers involved in developing, implementing and monitoring change programmes to improve standards of corporate behaviour and business conduct.

Training Scope

This training will cover but not limited to the following core topics:

- What is corporate Social Responsibility and why does it matters?

-  CSR Best Practices

- Case studies for  CSR

- GAP Analysis

- Developing and implementing CSR